Originally published on my old Charteris blog

This is part 2 of a training course I originally put together for the Charteris team and am now posting online. See here for the original Post and details on Part1


  1. 2D Graphics
    1. Colour and RGB
  2. Brushes
    1. SolidColorBrush
    2. VisualBrush
    3. LAB3 - Demonstrate Visual created solely for a VisualBrush (See document LAB3 VisualBrush1 - Visual for VisualBrush.doc)
    4. LAB4 – Reflection Effects (See document LAB4 VisualBrush2 - Reflection.doc)
    5. GradientBrush
    6. LAB5 - Touching up our reflection (See document LAB5 GradientBrush - Touching up our reflection.doc)
  3. Shapes

Download Part2.zip which includes a slide deck and the three labs.

Part3 will be on Controls, ContentControls and Control templating


Replaced part2.zip adding VS2005 versions of the labs to the exisiting VS.NET Orcas versions