Originally published on my old Charteris blog

Back in April I was asked to put together a training course on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for the Charteris team. The course was well received here and it was agreed that after a bit of time I could release it publically. So I am going to make most the course available here. I will post it in parts and I am happy to take questions, clarifications and comments about each part. Each one will include the relevant powerpoint slides and relevant labs, with code to start you off.


  1. Fundamentals
    1. Overview
    2. Components of WPF
    3. Key classes
    4. Retained Mode
  2. XAML
    1. XAML Overview
    2. Basic XAML
    3. Simple Property Setting
    4. Complex Property Setting
    5. Property setting - long hand
  3. Tools
    1. Microsoft Expression Blend
    2. Visual Studio Codename Orcas
    3. XamlPad
    4. LAB - Explore Editing Tools (See  documents "LAB1 Exploring XamlPad.doc" & "LAB2 Exploring Visual Studio Codename Orcas.doc")
    5. Developer to Designer


Download Part1.zip which includes a slide deck and the three labs. Part2 will be on 2D Graphics, Brushes including VisualBrush, and Shapes.


The following parts of this course are now available

  1. Fundamentals, XAML and Tools
  2. 2D Graphics, Brushes and Shapes
  3. Controls, Content and Retemplating
  4. ResourceDictionaries, Styles and Triggers
  5. Layout
  6. Data and the ItemsControl

Edit 10 September 2007 - Removed the now out of date Expression Blend walkthrough