March 2010 Blog Posts

Vertically wrapping XHTML Lists

Recently I was asked to produce a web page with the following layout for some of its list data Floating all items, left My first thought was “a single list ordered list, with all the list items floated left”. That worked well but didn’t really read all that well with each “row” running left to right rather than up and down, which is how people prefer to read lists.  The other problem I had was when one of the items wrapped onto multiple lines. The extra height of wrapped items meant items on the next “row” would get stuck trying to...

IE6 and its CSS “enhancements”

I had to post a link to this MSDN article because its title really made me chuckle, MSDN Article - CSS Enhancements in Internet Explorer 6. Anyone who has had to develop web sites that work with IE6 as well as modern browsers such as FF3, Chrome and Safari will know what a total piece of crap IE6 and its apparent “CSS Enhancements” are. I know it is a bit unfair to pick on old articles as computing moves so fast but if there was a Microsoft product that deserves my hatred it is You, IE6.

Windows Remote Desktop and Multiple Monitors

Like most software developers, especially those involved in UI work, I am used to working with a multi monitor setup. I have two Widescreen Dells in the Munkiisoft office but recently I needed to remote onto a client's development workstation. I was dreading the experience, until I found that Remote Desktop can be run to span multiple monitors. This post describes how to run Remote Desktop so that it will span muiltiple monitos, essentially it is the “/span” command line switch that you need. Great I thought but the experience was not what I hoped for because everytime...