I am using MVVMCross and Xamarin.iOS to build an iOS app and one of the pages we are laying out the UI using MVVMCross’ Fork of Montotouch Dialog (MT. D).

The string Footer property of the Section is bindable and could be set using an MvxInlineBindingTarget<T>. The trouble is that subsequent  updates to that Footer property did not cause the Sectionto redraw its Footer. This is not a problem that is specific to MT.D as StackOverflow is full of questions around updating Rows and Footers in UITableViews and MT.D is UITableViews underneath anyway.

After much poking around and trial and error I came up with an alternative Footer property in a derived Section class. See this Gist, https://gist.github.com/munkii/9709dad0bfef4bb43a34