Like most software developers, especially those involved in UI work, I am used to working with a multi monitor setup. I have two Widescreen Dells in the Munkiisoft office but recently I needed to remote onto a client's development workstation. I was dreading the experience, until I found that Remote Desktop can be run to span multiple monitors.

This post describes how to run Remote Desktop so that it will span muiltiple monitos, essentially it is the “/span” command line switch that you need.

Great I thought but the experience was not what I hoped for because everytime I maximised a window it stretched across both monitors, boo! This is probably more annoying than just having it on a single monitor. Not wanting to give up, having come so close, I started Googling\Binging; I found SplitView. SplitView runs on the machine that you are remoting to and gives you proper multi-monitor support. Awesome, exactly what I was after.