Originally published on my old Charteris blog

This is part 4 of the training course originally described here with parts 2 & 3 available here and here respectively. So far we have covered WPF fundamentals, XAML, brushes, shapes, controls and control templating.

Again if anyone wants to contact me for clarifications or to talk over part of the course just use a Comment or the Contact link at the top of the page. Good luck!

The details of part 4 are below, the labs and any associated code are in the download package


  1. ResourceDictionaries
    1. Reusing XAML
    2. Why use a ResourceDictionary?
    3. Resource discovery
    4. File-based resource dictionaries
    5. LAB8 - Resources - Referencing System colours, Dynamic and Static
  2. Styles
    1. Referencing Styles
    2. TargetType
    3. BasedOn
    4. LAB9 - Debugging Styling Issues
  3. Triggers
    1. EventTrigger
    2. Property-based Trigger


Download Part4.zip which includes a slide deck and the 2 labs. Code to get you started with the labs is included.