Originally published on my old Charteris blog

This is part 3 of the training course originally described here with part 2 available here. From this part onwards the course tends to concentrate more on labs and classroom interaction than on plain slide content. This worked great in a classroom scenario but it may make it hard otherwise. I have edited some of the downloadable slides to make them easier to read in isolation.

Again if anyone wants to contact me for clarifications or to talk over part of the course just use a Comment or the Contact link at the top of the page. Good luck!


  1. Controls
  2. ContentControl
  3. LAB6 - ContentControls - Creating a UI only a mother could love
  4. Controls (remixed)
    1. Retemplating
    2. LAB7 - Retemplate a Standard Button


Download Part3.zip which includes a slide deck and the 2 labs. Code to get you started with the labs is included.


Replaced part3.zip adding VS2005 versions of the labs to the exisiting VS.NET Orcas versions. Changed lab docs to be Word 97-2003 rather than Word 2007