Originally published on my old Charteris blog

A few months back I was looking at getting HD installed and the satellite TV company's website had this nice animation were they made the text appear bit by bit like it was being decoded before your eyes. The animation is about 4 levels deep in a Flash movie so I cannot link to it directly but it reminds me of the way the number 24 is animated in the series "24".

I thought I would take a look at how wold do it in WPF. I found there was not much for string animation, and wrote my own animation class.

Once I had inherited from
StringAnimationBase t here is not that much more to it with the meat of it being in the method GetCurrentValueCore . The animation subsystem calls this method and expects a returned with which it can update the animated property. You are passed default To and From values, in case these were not specified, and the animation's clock. The main use of the clock is to let you know how far along the animation is.

I have uploaded a simple demo, along with the animation class, here .


"Text Shuffle"! just saw this post on theWPFblog so now I know what animation effect is called